Dokumentation zu den weiteren Vorgängen in Sierra Leone, Distrikt Pujehun

Am Wochenende erreichte uns eine weitere E-Mail von Joseph Rahall (Green Scenery) zu den weiteren Vorgängen in Sierra Leone, Distrikt Pujehun:

Since the arrest of the six MALOA leaders and members in October, 2013 several actions have been undertaken in and out of Pujehun district as a way to monitor and investigate the investment in especially Malen as well as to support and demonstrate soliderity with MALOA.




  1. A campaign was launched locally and internationally for the arrested MALOA members to be granted bail. Six lawyers including the contracted law firm were mobilised to defend the accused in the Bo Magistrate court. The court area was over crowded by supporters, sympathisers and members of MALOA from Malen. The court was adjourn and the accused MALOA members were granted bail. The matter came up yesterday a witness was brought by the prosecution and was crossed examined. The matter was again adjourn to 6th December. Again there was large crowd from Malen in support of the accused.
  2. Green Scenery played host and supported the Lund University of Sweden carry out scienctific research for academic purposes. The research covered the ADDAX and SOCFIN areas and lasted two weeks. The research was carried out during the period of arrest and trial of MALOA. The research explores the impact of large scale agri-businesses on communities.
  3. Green Scenery prior to this research had just completed a monitoring exercise in the Malen region. The Company authorities refused to show Green Scenery’s monitoring team the site where the palm crops were alleged destroyed by the MALOA executive and members. The chiefdom speaker (deputy paramount chief) also bad mouthed Green Scenery and the monitoring team for inciting communities.
  4. Capacity building on how to use a monitoring tool that was earlier designed by Green scenery was also done with MALOA members, none MALOA members and community based organisations. The practical skill of applying the tool was demonstrated by the participants.
  5. The Parliamentary oversight Committee on Land paid a visit to Malen chiefdom to examine for the first time the problems regarding land in the SOCFIN consession region. All committee members were carried with them a copy of the report „Who is benefting“ [PDF – 2 MB]
  6. A Provincial Security meeting was also held in Malen to address the issues of security in the Chiefdom, the district, and the province.
  7. The Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone (HRCSL) visited Malen to continue the mediation role it had earlier started in June. A key stakeholder, the Paramount chief was absent with the excuse of been sick. The mediation process did not continue, however all parties were asked to give account of their accomplishments of the tasks that were assigned to each previously. The accounts/updates presented were largely unsatisfactory. The commission advised that MALOA should make a case to the President as they promised to facilitate this process.
  8. There are ongoing international petition facilitated by Raintforest and wesignit already thousands of signatories have been got. I recently sent a soft copy with signatures of 54,000 to the Attorney General and SOCFIN country representatives.

Hope this is worth reading.

Kind regards,


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